Place yourself well in your chair, open your eyes and your ears. Gwenael proposes to you to watch some videos realized either during a trail, an ultra trail, or just for the pleasure of enjoying nature and its faithful steed. Our adventurer has selected just for you a dozen videos.

From Patagonia to Andorra, through Switzerland, the Alps, the Pyrenees and our dear Basque Country, magic operates … a suave music like to listen to before falling asleep or to rest Sunday afternoon. Gwenael embarks on us in his universe. A race ? Yes, but first of all a communion with nature. Preferring to be duplicated to film a mountain, a butterfly, a cow …

Wear seeing transported by the melody, the notes of music follow step by step the cadence of the runners, and we find ourselves like in a bubble, on our armchair! It is a feeling of freedom. We take down reality for 3 to 4 minutes and plunge into the heart of the story that tells us both the images and the melody.

Gwénaël is characterized by “wild child”, small “Tom Sawyer” of the modern times but in reality he is a solitary surrounded. His passion allows him to escape, for a few moments or hours, from reality, from this world that runs at 100 an hour. This sensitivity, which characterizes it, transpires throughout the images. It’s touching, very touching.

He knows perfectly how to sublimate a landscape, the effort of his competitors, a smile, a laugh of a child posted there, by the roadside that is there to encourage his dad or his mom. His videos are magical and unique, so much so that it makes us want to put on sneakers and do the same … Not you? This seems so easy, and yet all merit comes from the vanquished difficulty. He succeeded in making us enjoy his vision because he went through physical tests because to get there, it takes time and … a little training! Small and big wounds of life that chisel the heart and that push to the outlet, loud and strong. Many of his videos made me shed a little tear …

And my favorite will you tell me?

It is indisputably: “run with his horse”. Because Gwenael managed to forge a very strong bond with this horse! Like 2 best friends, they go running across the plains and mountains. And … It is also my favorite because it is the time of the Indian summer in our country, in the Basque Country, the most beautiful period of the year.

Go friends, it’s up to you to make your choice …

Good viewing, place to pictures ….

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LA BASKLEY “Official Reportage”
120km in the footsteps of Victor ITURRIA
SAS Hero BASQUE and Smuggler

(Subtitled in English)

L’EZIN GELDI “Official Reportage”
Double Iron man in the Basque Country
7.4km Swimming / 360km Cycling / 84km Trail