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Make your dreams a reality and your life a dream

Our adventurer, soldier, wounded in 2012, wants to inspire the envy of DARING YOUR adventures and YOUR most crazy dreams. Everyone has his own challenge! His own summit!
Prepare yourself, be flexible, accept yourself, believe in yourself
Dare and never give-up

RAME Océan (Row the Ocean) 2017

A human adventure, a physical challenge, a psychological one ! A transatlantic rowing qualified as the Everest of the South track.

“Rame Océan” is transatlantic race in solo between Dakar and the French Guyana. Rowers have to cross the Atlantic without any assistance and stopover in monotypes of 8 meters length. There is no gender rating. The is the longest rowing race in the world and the only solo transatlantic one.

The departure will be given the 10th of December at Dakar (Senegal)

Departure in:

2017/12/10 14:00:00
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Objectives before departure

10 hours of rowing minimum on the ocean, security course in September.
Raise Funds


Rowing indoor, outdoor. Bodybuilding, swimming, study on sleep, self-medication, fishing, cooking, survival…

Food / Hydration

Complete lyophilized, Fresh fishes, Watermakers for water, 50 bottles of water in case of survival.


Boat: 43000€ Registration: 15000 €, Log/stage : 19280€, Matérials + Satélitaire : 22385€, TOTAL : 99 665€

“Rien que du bonheur” N°64

Ashore adviser Inverted compass GPS, 1 sliding seat, 1 set of paddles


Barometer And A good jacket !


2 watermakers Disconnectable in case of electric failure


Winch, Argos beacon, Fuses, mirror, whistle, survival suit.

• Architect: Jean Michel Viant
• Characteristics: Length: 8,00 m / 315 inches Width: 1.60 m / 63 inches Weigh empty: 450 kgs / 992 lbs • Materials: veneer laminate glass/epoxy.
To face the Atlantic, you need a light boat, maneuverable and resistant. So the dinghy is an unsinkable monotype and automatically up-right.
It is called “Rien que du bonheur” which means “Pure happiness”.
All dinghies are built on the same kit in order to guaranty an equal race. They are exclusives and acquired.


2 solar panels (100w – 10w) connected to a 12v battery. Leds inside and ouside


SHF (Phony-Data) VHF (Marine), HF (Graphy)


Hull cleaning every week


Kitchen fitted inside the living room or rather the Room

team image
A solidarity project
or our wounded
Help all soldiers wounded physiologically and psychologically through the practice of outdoors activities
and by promoting excelling oneself valor.
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An environmental project
to better protect marine mammals
n partnership with a local association ``Itsas Arima``, the soul of the sea: Gwénaël will participate in scientific studies for the protection of marine mammals. Through this adventure, he will promote the Basque Coast as well as its coastline.
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A pedagogical project
for kids
A public school of Bayonne will follow the adventure all around the year during different types of lectures.

Animals in the crossing


To explore my limits, to meet a challenge in a totally unknown environment and above all to share this extraordinary human adventure. To give the envy of DARING.

Sportive CV:

• A dozen of more than 100kms mountains races
• Crossing the Pyrenees in 9 days (Trail-Bike- Paragliding)
• Crossing the Alps in 8 days (Trail-Bike- Paragliding)
• Crossing the Corsica Island « Non stop »
• A double Ironman in the “Pays Basque”
(8kms swim – 360kms bike – 84kms Trail)

A team of enthusiasts

For an exciting adventure

team image
Elisabeth Darget
Wildlife osteopathy
For the happiness of animals and Gwenael 😉
team image
Laurent Irazusta
Coatch Rowing
President of the Aviron Bayonnais omnisports
And especially passionate of ream
team image
Stéphanie Barneix
Marraine of the project
World Rescue Champion
Crossed the North Atlantic in paddle board
Has bypassed Cape Horn in Paddle Board
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