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You too, study the best route!
Enjoy, in real time, the weather
that Gwénaël will have in the middle of the Atlantic


of strokes of oar!

A solidarity, environmental and educational project

Thanks to all of you!
Gwénaël will cross the Atlantic at the oar
for the benefit of the wounded of war.
Buy rowing!


of strokes of oar!

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Crossing the Atlantic at the Row

last news

October 26: Transport of the boat by sea to Senegal.
01 December: Elisabeth & Gwénaël go to Senegal.
9 days of preparation of the boat + various conferences.
December 10: Departure for the crossing of the Atlantic with the oar.
Arrival in Guyana: 40 to 60 days after.

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nothing but happiness


August 25, 2017 to SARE

Who does not know The Barkley Marathons? Well, we have our Basque version ….
The Baskley took place on the last days. A departure by the light of a good cigar and we left for 120km of journey through the mountains of the Basque Country for Jean Louis and Gwénaël.
In the footsteps of Victor Iturria – SAS Basque hero of the second world war and smuggler.

Full film versionMédias / Vidéos” 😉

June 18, 2016 at SARE

A custom event!
(7,6kms of Swimming – 360kms of bike – 84kms of Trail).
A “double IronMan revisited” in one of the most beautiful region of the world.
“The Basque country”
A wonderful adventure!
Discover the story here.

Full film versionMédias / Vidéos” 😉